Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Weather Report

Tomorrow, the sun is supposed to shine. Which would be a really welcome event, since it has snowed and rained and generally been cloudy and moody around here (both me and the weather).

I re-read (reread? looks weird) my post from yesterday, my whiny, whiny post. I'm embarrassed for me. I hate feeling that sorry for myself.

So, I'm not going to anymore. No more whining. No more.

Let's talk about something fun, shall we? My daughter needs some spring tops, and so I've decided during her spring break this week to try and make her some new ones. I haven't sewn any clothes in a while, so I'm looking forward to the challenge.

The first one is a super-super simple top, New Look 6891. For some reason, this is supposed to have a front seam and back seam, but I see no reason for this so I'm just going to cut it on the fold.

If it comes out well, I'll take pictures.

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