Thursday, April 8, 2010

Remember when I said I was going to sew some spring tops for my girl?

I actually did it!

New Look 6940 Cotton knit print with black knit trim.

Variation of New Look 6891 Silky-ish poly from Hancock's, black satin band.

And check out the smiles! She likes them! AND her friend asked her if she got the blue top at Charlotte Russe! Pretty much the greatest compliment I could have received from a 14 year old girl, yes?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dear Office Depot,

I went into your lovely establishment today to buy a box of envelopes. I was paying with cash. Seems simple, yes?

Cashier: Hi! Are you purchasing these for business or personal use?

Me: Uh, personal?

Cashier: What is your zip code?

Me: You need my zip code?

Cashier: Yes.

Me: (gives zip code, like a good little monkey)

Cashier: Ok, what is your phone number?

Me: (sigh) (gives phone number)

Cashier: Do you have one of our Rewards cards? You can save..

Me: (interrupting) NO.

Cashier rings up purchase.

Me: (because I just can't help myself) Why do I have to give you all of that information just to buy a box of envelopes?

Cashier: I'm sorry, but our registers won't even ring up a purchase unless we ask all of that.

So, Office Depot, even though you are convenient for me, I will be finding another place to fill my various and sundry office supply needs. You are simply too damn nosy.

Yours affectionately,