Thursday, February 4, 2010


I had planned on having lots of progress made. Pictures of headbands! Listings of headbands! Bloggy goodness in the form of new buttons and navigation bars and more pictures!

Instead, I'm parked on the sofa, in painnnnnnn from a root canal/wisdom tooth pull combo, feeling sorry for myself because I had really not expected for this procedure to lay me out. At least Project Runway is on tonight. (please, PR, be good this season.)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Coming soon to my shop...

As soon as I can get my model to let me take some pictures, these new headbands will be added to my etsy shop. The flowers are made of organza with just a few beads in the center for added interest. Right now I have purple (shown), dark blue, black, silver, pale gold, and chocolate brown. I'm looking for some new spring-ish colors of organza to make some more - searching for the perfect ballet pink.

Monday, February 1, 2010

DIY Tutorial - Boyfriend Jeans

Really, aren't they just a basic 5-pocket jean with a roll at the bottom? Do I seriously need to go purchase new jeans to participate in this trend?

Absolutely not.

Step 1. Locate a pair of basic, 5 pocket jeans, either from your own closet or thrifted. Perfect use of thrifted jeans!

Step 2. Put on your jeans. Using chalk or pins, mark how long your want your jeans to be.

Step 3. Take off your jeans. Lay flat. Add about 3-4 inches to your mark (this will accomodate the roll at the bottom). Whack off the bottom of the jeans.

(Why cut them? Why not just roll them from the bottom? This makes for a really bulky roll. Cutting them off makes a smaller, cuter cuff.)

Step 4. Zig zag around to finish.

Step 5. Roll up the jeans. Use a few well placed stitches to hold the roll in place, if you wish.

Step 6. Distress in well chosen places, if you wish. I did this with a cheese-grater-looking-pedicure-thingie-found-at-Dollar-Tree.

Step 7. Enjoy, smug in the knowledge that you got the look without buying new jeans. You have beat the system. Congrats!