Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A post in which I blather on about the daily hiccups of my life...

Hiccup #1 - Tension Headaches.

Actually, as I've learned from my massive research on Dr. Google (which involved exactly one article on webmd), they are now referred to as Tension-type Headaches, as they are no longer considered to be caused by tense muscles, but by some sort of brain chemical thingie.

I've progressed (really wrong word) from having some sort of life-altering-holy-hell-my-head-is-going-to-explode-and-then-burst-into-flames event once every month or so to having an ongoing-seemingly-never-ending-low-to-mid-to-extreme-headache-all-the-time-every-day-omg-will-it-ever-end.

Which really puts a wrench in the creative works.

Hiccup #2 - Uh....Hmmmmm....

OK, I've just realized that all of my hiccups are basically ALL ABOUT THE HEADACHES. Headaches made me feel bad. Headache medicine makes me feel weird and woozy. Creativity sucks when your head hurts. Productivity sucks even worse. The fact that I'm less creative and productive than I want to be makes me tense. Tense makes the headaches worse.

The downward spiral is both maddening and cliche.

Aren't you glad you asked?

I have tried peppermint tea, relaxation techniques, hot baths and showers. I've cut out alcohol and aspartame as possible triggers. I need to do yoga or add in some exercise.

Hiccup #3 - Bieber Fever? UGH!

In good news, I've discovered Greek yogurt. Delish.

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  1. So sorry to hear about the headaches. Pain definitely zaps creativity.

    On a lighter note . . . I *heart* Greek Yogurt too! LOVE!


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