Monday, May 11, 2009

It's all good.

My whole day has been one lonnnnnnnnng struggling-to-be-productive-but-ha!-no-way ball of frustration.

Woke up in the middle of the night. WIDE AWAKE. Went into the living room and watched The Fashion Show (thank heavens for Tivo). (Ps. Merlin is crazy.) Then watched it again. Fell asleep sometime during the second viewing.

DEEPLY. Very much asleep.

When my daughter woke me up to take her to school, I felt like I had been hit by a truck - a truck filled with Ambien and soft pillows and down comforters and maybe a bottle or two of wine. OMG, the sleepy.

Came home, found something for breakfast, ate on the couch while moaning to the dog about how tired I was. He didn't really care.

Finally got in the shower and began to shake the cobwebs. In sheer desperation, turned the water on COLD for the last 15 seconds.


Got dressed and ran some errands. Waited in the longest line ever seen at a fabric store for one solitary woman to cut fabric, as I waited behind a woman with at least 12 bolts of fabric, a crying, cranky infant, and an adorable 3 year old who was trying to climb out of the shopping cart and kept asking everyone who passed for gum.

Waited again in the checkout line for someone to get a price check and a manager and a clarification about the pricing situation on something she was buying.


Had planned to use my Oprah-KFC-coupon for some free chicken for lunch, but didn't have any time left for such luxuries as lunch.

Ran by the grocery store to pick up some much needed essentials, including Froot Loops. The store clerk guy noticed the Star Trek promo on the cereal box and took the opportunity to tell me that he had already been to the new Star Trek movie. I volunteered that I had seen it, too. Had trekkie discussion about time line discrepancies and humorous movie lines and how disappointed he had been in Star Trek Nemesis. I proudly held my own, for although I don't speak Kingon or anything, I am well versed in the Trek.

Have just enough time to run home and take out the dog (don't worry - he's not named Tiberius) and put away the frozen foods before going to pick up daughter at school.

Daughter informs me that talent show tryouts are today. Immediately after school. As in, NOW.

Heavy sigh.

We run home and she gets some music to sing with. We hop back in the car and book it back to school.

Tryouts went well. And thankfully, daughter didn't pick a Taylor Swift song, because EVERY OTHER GIRL we heard did.

After tryouts, daughter wants to get a treat from Sonic, and frankly, I could use a little something. The Diet Mango Limeade was delish.

Came home and realized that tonight is homemade-pizza-and-House night. (And since House and Cuddy slept together at the end of the last episode OMG this is not to be missed.) So I'm getting ready to put the pizza dough stuffs in the bread machine and the pizza sauce stuffs in a saucepan on the stove.

Big. freakin'. sigh..........

Meanwhile, important etsy-business-type things went completely undone. I've hardly been on Twitter! I haven't convo'd anyone. Listed anything. Taken pictures. Nope. Nada. Nothing.

But, as my daughter was thanking me for taking her back for tryouts, I told her that was one of the great things about working at home and for yourself. It allows me the freedom to take her to tryouts or pick her up when she's sick without asking a boss first. And trust me, I've had some bosses in my former work life that wouldn't have been very flexible - and the frustration would have been much worse than anything I encountered today.

So, after House and pizza, I can come upstairs and Twitter and convo and relist and sew.

It's all good.

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