Tuesday, May 19, 2009

DD and I discussing New Moon

Me: Hey, I saw the poster for New Moon today, but I don't understand. I thought Bella was with Edward? On the poster she is hugged up to some other guy and Edward has his back to them.

DD: That's Jacob. He's a werewolf.

Me: What? She leaves Edward for a werewolf?

DD: No, actually Edward left her.

Me: ???

DD: Yeah, well he thought she would be better off without him. So he just disappeared.

Me: He just left town?

DD: Yeah. His whole family did.

Me: Why did his entire family leave?

DD: Well, one of the other vampires went crazy when Bella got a paper cut, so they thought it would be better if they all left.

Me: So she managed to find a werewolf for her next boyfriend?

DD: Well, he wasn't a werewolf when she met him.

Me: He became a werewolf?

DD: Yeah. Bella had known him since they were kids.

Me: What the hell is going on in Oregon?

DD: Washington.

Me: Whatever. What is up with Bella that she attracts all these supernatural beings? First a vampire, then a werewolf? I mean, really, what are the odds? Are we going to find out in the end that Bella was really a troll or something?

At this point, my daughter just gave up and left me.

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