Monday, August 3, 2009

You sell your stuff where? How do you spell it?

OK, today my goal is to come up with some sort of business card/etsy card kind of thingie. Something that doesn't just promote me, but promotes etsy, too.

Last week, I found myself being repeately asked about where did I sell my stuff? How do you spell "Etsy"? (Just like Betsy, no "B") What kind of stuff do they sell there? You get the idea.

Each time, because I had no biz card or handout, the poor soul had to find a piece of scratch paper or old receipt and scribble down the name, only to be lost in the laundry later.

I get it. I suck at the promotions thing. I especially suck at the "tooting my own horn" thing. I'm much more comfortable talking about Etsy than I am my own little shop.

So. Goal. Come up with something to give people. Print many of them. Put them in my purse.

In other news, new coasters! For the Geek who needs COASTERS! Or, basically anyone who uses a keyboard.

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